Nelson Mandela Foundation

This programme is for individuals who are committed to achieving equity, have a track record of significant impact, and deeply value dialogue with, and learning from, diverse perspectives and voices as a critical step towards achieving societal transformation. All marginalised and multiply-marginalised people are encouraged to apply.

Our Fellows share the following traits. They are:

  • Experienced in their field of work (ranging from a minimum of 5 years to more extensive years of experience)

  • Proposing work with the potential for significant impact in eradicating white supremacy and anti-Black oppression

  • Willing and able to navigate and learn from diversity and complexity on a local and global scale

  • Committed to working with and supporting others to achieve individual and collective impact

Successful applicants share our values of justice, ubuntu, integrity, imagination, and transformation. They are individuals who are seeking spaces safe enough for meaningful and effective negotiation of sustainable solutions to critical social problems. They bring with them an interest and openness to deep listening and disruption of presuppositions and perspectives. They are willing to engage fully in building connections, vision and strategy with others from different racial and ethnic backgrounds.