We are accepting applications for our 2019 fellowship programme.

Applications are due by 6:59 am SAT / 11:59 ET on 31 January 2019.  

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2019 Fellowship Programme

South Africa and the United States are connected by a shared history of power structures exploiting people based on their race, gender, class and ability. Over the last two centuries, Black liberation activists in these two countries have learned from and inspired each other to build movements that organize people to achieve full equality. AFRE builds upon this rich history of exchange by creating a space for leaders from both countries to find solutions to end anti-black oppression.

Each year, we recruit 20 high-impact leaders from South Africa and the United States to participate in our 12-month program which fosters knowledge-sharing, relationship-building and collaboration. AFRE Fellows participate in cross-cultural exchanges and engage in a deep dialogue process with other Fellows to support and strengthen their leadership, capacities and understandings. Throughout the year, they explore the origins of structural racism and the mechanisms through which it operates, participate in collaborative vision and strategy-building for societal transformation and engage with different perspectives and approaches for building a just and equitable world. They also receive customised supports, including access to coaching, expert mentoring and media relations support. The fellowship is designed to fuel multi-sectoral and transnational thinking and action through rigorous learning experiences and additional resources to support the initial stages of Fellows’ projects.

Our Fellows receive a stipend of USD $10,000 and are eligible to apply for project support of up to USD $10,000 during their fellowship year.

After graduating from the AFRE programme, Fellows will become members of a global network of Atlantic Senior Fellows convened by the Atlantic Institute based at Rhodes House, Oxford University.


Fellows will receive a stipend of USD $10,000 and will be eligible to apply for project support of up to USD $10,000 during their fellowship year.

Time Commitment

The core of the AFRE fellowship experience is a series of four, week-long customised learning experiences over the programme year. Fellows will also participate in monthly activities in-between sessions including webinars, mentoring, phone calls, and video conferences. Full participation in all fellowship activities is required to maintain the integrity of the programme. 2019 Programme will begin with an in-person session in Johannesburg, South Africa, from 17–21 June 2019 (not including travel time). Dates for the additional sessions during the 2019 programme will be provided at the interview stage.